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Confetti Soap

Confetti Soap

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In a secluded, moonlit garden, where the air is thick with mystery and allure, a fragrance unfolds its narrative. This scent, a symphony of contrasts, starts with an array of floral notes. Like a midnight bloom, each petal unfurls, releasing whispers of jasmine, rose, and wild orchids, creating a lush tapestry of aromas that captivate and enchant. As the story deepens, musky undertones emerge, adding a layer of sophistication and depth. This musk, both alluring and enigmatic, weaves through the florals, creating a dance of shadow and light. Finally, the richness of the scent reveals itself, like the velvet cloak of night, enveloping the senses in a luxurious embrace. This fragrance is a journey through a secret garden at night, where every note is a step deeper into a world of floral abundance, musky intrigue, and opulent richness.


Ingredients : 

Base: Saponified Oils of Coconut, Olive, Castor, Almond, Sunflower and Palm
Natural Colorants: Skin-safe mica colors and activated Charcoal Powder
Fragrance Oils: Phthalate-Free Black Amber Lavender fragrance oil

Net Weight : 100 g

This handmade soap is cruelty-free, vegetarian, and free of SLS, artificial surfactants, or foaming agents. It also contains high-quality, food-grade oils and safe colors and fragrances.

Patch testing is recommended before using any skincare product

Embrace the uniqueness of our handcrafted soaps, made in small batches. Please note that the soaps you receive might slightly differ in appearance from the images shown, adding a distinct charm to each order you place, be it your first or a subsequent one.

Package contents : 1 piece of handmade soap

To maintain your soap's longevity, store it in a dish with good drainage. This ensures the soap remains dry when not in use.

Use of our eco-friendly soap saver bags is recommended; they can be found here

For optimal results, flip the soap over to allow it to dry completely overnight before using it again. In some cases, due to the saturation of the colorant used, the lather may be colorful, which is completely normal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Soft gentle soan skin with good smell

The smell it's good medium not too strong or mild best for sensitive skin dry skin. I liked it
Gives a fresh feel after bath.


Greetings from namma Bengaluru, recently had seen your Insta page, i loved the variety displayed on your page, very unique, as i have bit of a sensitive skin, i keep looking for better options in soaps, as i look for chemical free, quality oils, i wanted to see how these products work on my skin, they are perfect.

First of all timely and prompt delivery, beautifully packaged, mostly using organic material, very minimal use of cling film for packaging, may be to keep fragrance intact. My first impression is Unique products, I really loved the naming of soaps, designs are truly hand crafted. When it comes to its actual job, which is feeling refreshed, comforting on skin. soaps do the job, nicely fragrant, lathering is adequate, feels good on sensitive skin, really really want to try rest of your soaps, which would surely take some time, i am sure you have a permanent customer from the city of gardens, you can name one of your soaps as 'City of Garden' for sensitive skin, just a suggestion 🤝, keep up the good work, Cheers.

Nice product ….!

The lavender soap is very high quality and smells great. Thank you so much and I will certainly be buying in the future! - Jason